Nightly Ritual

It was loud out on the porch tonight.  The world was breathing, and itching, and moving.  Whimpering, then screaming, only to whimper again.  I lost myself chasing one noise and then the next, trying to follow one singer in the chorus.  It was hard, I kept losing them to the tumult.  I centered myself on inward … Continue reading Nightly Ritual


The House my Father Built: Part 1

The house my father built is old.  Much older today than it was.  I remember that winter now.  I couldn’t then.  It howled and cursed and made a mess just like mother did.  It was almost like they were competing.  And what a match it was!  The wind tore down the fence so father went … Continue reading The House my Father Built: Part 1

The Horse Archer

The sun dips low in sky, a gentle breeze rolling through the steppe.  Soft whispers of trembling grass shattered suddenly by screams.  Desperate screeches of listless men barreling through the grass.  Their torn, ragged clothes and bodies clearly labeling them as another group of looters.  Their presence an ever rising certainty throughout the lands as … Continue reading The Horse Archer


Time flies like an arrow  And I can see the darkness in your heart  Everybody dies  But some just need a little help  And it’s only a short way  For oblivion awaits  So stop laughing I am evil  I promise 


Somnolence slips behind tired eyes Resigned to find no peace of mind  In slumbers soft embrace  Her silky touch a lullaby  That saps from wakeful active highs  To tease of subtle restful lows Hiding depressive untertones  In every whispered gentle kiss The longing blinks of desperate lids Eager for even the most fleeting glimpse Of … Continue reading Somnolence