Very well, then I Contradict Myself

I’m filled with such blind rage I hate the fate they slate against innocent minds All I see is this sea of red that makes me seethe Such violent thoughts fill my head Better dead than red, right? Their words not mine  I hate them  For the color of their creed  Why shouldn’t I Want … Continue reading Very well, then I Contradict Myself



I am the sin that haunts  The mortal soul  Dragging out every  Quivering breath  Mixing desperation and delight  So the flesh splits in anticipation Coiled and waiting to spring Into action or  Waste away into nothing  Heaving and writhing in time  To the pleasure of pain  Undulating screams and moans  Piercing the heart and mind  … Continue reading Lust

The House my Father Built: Part 9

The next day the sun crawled over the horizon to illuminate a miserable sight.  The fire had gone out while we slept and my stranger’s shivering rattled me awake.  It was once again raining and I couldn’t help but groan as I realized all the work I had to do today, no matter how horrible … Continue reading The House my Father Built: Part 9